The first question you need to ask yourself is:


What is the end result I am wanting to achieve? and the second, What is my budget?


If you are wanting a climate controlled cellar to provide the ideal conditions to preserve your collection, then that is exactly what you need to concentrate on. Get that right before worrying about expensive wine racks and cabinetry.

All wine must be stored at a consistent temperature. The range can be between 12ºC and 17ºC (ideally 14ºC) and with humidity between 55% and 75%.

Remember it is not so much the temp varying 2 or 3º, over weeks or months, but rather the spike in temperature up and down in hours or days.


The size of your Wine Cellar will be determined by the available space you have, the size of your wine collection and your intended use for the Cellar. Obviously a Wine Room with circulation space and a designated tasting area is going to require a substantial space.
No. Custom built will always be more expensive mainly due to the climate control units.
9 out of 10 times the answer is Yes. If you are looking to have a designated space to store and showcase your wine collection then you need to create the right environment for their preservation. If you are wanting to create an aesthetically beautiful setting for a small selection of wines and are not concerned about their long term preservation then a temperature controlled system may not be necessary.
No. Air conditioners simply won't keep the cellar cool enough at temperatures below 15ºC nor will they attain the humidity levels or in fact air circulation. When it comes to storing your wine, you need purpose built climate control equipment otherwise you might end up with expensive vinegar.
The one thing that will stay relatively the same is the cost of your climate control.
No. When building a cellar, it is essential to insulate it properly. Failure to insulate properly will overload your cellar conditioner and shorten its life.
Short answer "unfortunately no". Glass by itself is not a good insulator - especially one layer of glass. Your cellar conditioner would struggle to maintain the required temperature and you would void any warranty of the unit by not insulating correctly. We can build a frameless cellar, but not a climate controlled one.
There is a wide range of racking systems available, most of which can be adapted to any situation. The racking system can be one of the most expensive elements of a wine cellar.
A wide variety of finishes can be used in a wine cellar, from tiles to aluminium composites, however due to the humidity levels within the cellar porous materials must be avoided.
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