Rather than hide your collection away in a dark corner, showcase your passion for good wine.


Here at Voodoo Glass we can help you turn those seemingly redundant spaces in your home into a stunning wine cellar completely enclosed by glass. Turn a negative into a positive today! It is amazing the storage capacity that a small awkward space can provide.

In regards to commercial establishments, set yourself apart from your competitors by introducing a luxurious feature with strong aesthetic appeal such as a glass-enclosed wine cellar.

Contact Voodoo Glass today to inquire further about Glass Wine Cellars and the options available to you.

A couple of things you should ask yourself


• Is my wine valuable enough?

• Do I have or WANT a bigger collection?

• Wine cellar, wine cupboard or wine fridge?

• Is budget or area constraints a factor?

Something to remember


Don’t spend all of your budget on fancy wine racks, as temperature control is much more important. In saying that, we can supply every type of wine rack your heart desires!

That's our goal. Fulfil your dream, but at the same time give you solid information, so your dream wine collection will be worth the money your budgeting for.

We have worked hard to obtain the reputation we have.

We are experienced.  We do it right the first time, and back ourselves with client feedback, testimonials.

We work in the glass industry, but realised our clients needs require us to step outside the boundaries.

Its up to us to assess your every need and desire.

Everything needs to be considered, from value of the wine, bottle capacity… wine collecting habits, ultimate wine cellar purpose.

Is it aesthetics that floats your boat?

How impressive would you like it to look? Lets face it, if its an integral part of your decor, it needs WOW but also be functional.

So all will be taken into account when we design your dream Cellar.